Wedding Etiquette

With wedding season starting, here are some tips and tricks for mastering being a wedding guest.

1. DO be on time.

Truth – Weddings tend to run late.  However you shouldn’t. Plan to there 20 to 30 minutes early.

2. DON’T bring a big gift to the wedding.

Since the wedding will involve taking down the decorations and entertaining guests, the last thing the bride and groom want is to worry about how to get gifts home at the end of the reception. This is really key if the wedding is a destination. Save them the trouble by shipping yours directly to their home.


This seems like a no-brainer but pay attention to the deadline on the invite. The best thing you can do is respond as soon as you can.

4. DON’T forget to turn off your phone.

Just like at the movies, no one wants to be interrupted while watching the lovely ceremony. Don’t ruin the big day by interrupting their vows and enjoy the moment not behind your cellphone.

5. DO follow the dress code.

Since I love fashion, of course this would be a key suggestion. Don’t be under-dressed for the wedding. Even if it is casual – wear a dress, skirt or suit. Dress for the venue, but follow instructions from the bride and groom.

6. Never wear white.

This one seems so obvious. White and even light ivories are a no-no. There have been times where I have even debated if a dress with a bold floral print but a white base was too much white to wear to a wedding.. so I opted not to.

7. Get your party on!

People have a fear that none of their guests will have a good time at the reception. Help them ease their worries by hitting up the dance floor and meet other wedding guests. Even request some songs that are your jam to help get pumped up.

8. DON’T drink to oblivion.

Have fun at the bar but don’t take advantage of it. Stay classy is all I have to say.

9. DON’T monopolize the bride and groom.

Make sure to say hello and congratulate the happy couple, but keep it short. They will spend most of their time just making their rounds, sometimes the bride and groom don’t even get to eat!

10. DON’T forget to sign the guestbook.

You can even write some positive words about the wedding, but sign the guestbook so the couple can look back on the wedding and remember everyone who was there.
I hope this helps you be the best guest ever! Do you have any other etiquette tips?

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