Modern Day Weddings

I realized the last post was about wedding etiquette as a guest. And now, funny enough, I am getting married and thinking about wedding etiquette from the perspective of hosting.

Nowadays, the rules are changing because couples are coming together differently. Couples may have different cultural backgrounds, divorced families, live together (or even own a house together). So weddings are becoming more about a celebration of the couple and a fun get-together of people near and dear to the wedding couples heart. This will be the one time in their lives that relatives and friends who live far away will be together.

With that said, weddings can also be shaped by who’s paying. It used to be the parents paying and with that came a loss of control for the bride and groom. Now the wedding couple may be footing the bill. So the ideal wedding decor and extras may fall to the wayside since the bill adds up quickly. Too quickly I am noticing.

So here are some notable things I have pulled together (and maybe made up…) :

  1. Engagement Parties have Evolved.

    This is because the etiquette used to be whoever hosted the party footed the bill AND whoever was invited to the party is supposed to be invited to the wedding. Now you may have some little get-togethers here and there. Your families (hopefully) will be excited so you have those dinner parties, but sometimes a formal affair just doesn’t happen.

  2. Weddings are Expensive. 💰💰💰

    I know saving is important, but if you’re going to be paying for your wedding (even if you aren’t dating anyone yet), save for this. Jeeze. I just finished my Masters, and last year my fiancee and I bought a place. I was thinking to myself, alright, I don’t have any big expenses to save for except of course my future retirement, so I am just going to enjoy not hemorrhaging money for a little bit. Then we took a month and traveled this summer, where he proposed in the sea in Barcelona.💍 It was lovely and like a dream. The rest of the trip felt like we were floating on a cloud. But then we came home to all the typical wedding questions we hadn’t thought about yet. We thought we’d keep our costs low, and simple and then we started running some hypothetical numbers and whoa, where is this magical money for the wedding going to come from..

  3. Authentic Weddings are the Best.

    I love the weddings I have been to where you can feel the love and happiness from the wedding party, couple, and families. I have a perma-smile on my face at these weddings. So of course wouldn’t you want your guests to feel the same way at your wedding? Less can be more, and I like the small details and quirks that couples add to the decor and venue choice that really describe them as a couple. I was at a lovely wedding recently in Muskoka and it poured during the ceremony which was outside at their cottage by the lake. The love was beaming from the bride and groom despite the weather, and I felt like it really showed that they can be truly happy in any circumstance. Isn’t that what we all want?

  4. Be Yourself at Your Wedding

    Go with what makes you comfortable, confident, and happy. It will show in the photos, and in your expression.

This little list seems to be good for now. I am still in the planning phase and I am sure I will learn some more tips on the way.

Let me know if you have any tips for me! I know some friends have already given me wonderful ideas and suggestions who have already been through it all.

Enjoy your weekend!


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