12 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Sleep

These days we get so caught up in being busy. It’s the go-to response when people ask us how we are. But that isn’t you, that’s your schedule.

Since I got a FitBit just over a year ago, I am hooked. No, this is not some paid promotion, but I am a huge fan. At first, seeing how little sleep I was actually getting while thinking I was getting more, was incredibly discouraging. I even had a friend ask my why I cared about the sleep feature because it is just frustrating to look at the little amount of sleep I was getting. After a few months of having my FitBit still not sleeping much, I vowed to try to sleep 8 hours a night. And I was amazed with the almost immediate benefits I saw in a few days.

Think you don’t have time to sleep more? Well it’s all about priorities, and without prioritizing your health, you have nothing. Still not convinced? Here are some of the many amazing benefits:

  1. Your memory will improve
  2. Your stress levels will go down
  3. Your quality of life will improve
  4. You’ll feel more emotionally balanced & less anxious
  5. You’ll get sick less often, and shorten your sickness span if you do
  6. You’ll think more creatively
  7. You’ll  have better sex
  8. Driving will be safer & less accident-prone
  9. You will perform better – in school, on projects, at the gym, shall I go on?
  10. Proper sleep will help curb cravings a.k.a. a healthier weight
  11. Your skin will look better
  12. You’ll be happier!

Feeling a little sleepy from this amazing list of sleep perks? Go ahead, have a nap.

Let me know if you notice any other health benefits!




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