How To Start Planning A Green Wedding

This is the year that my fiance and I tie the knot, and I can’t believe how fast time has gone. As the planning started months ago, I realized that for our decorations, I would want to make most of them. This isn’t because I got Pinterest obsessed (ok Maybe a little for inspiration), but because like the cards and envelopes I make for friends, and the decor in my house, they’re handmade. I started saving my jars from food and collecting jars from my bride squad for flowers. I used an old tank top and lace ribbon to sew a banner, which will be one of many.
Saved containers... before we take off all the labels.
Saved containers… before we take off all the labels.
It dawned on me last night, that the mentality on our upcoming wedding was like my life and my business. I wanted to re-purpose as many items as I can so I’m not being wasteful with materials, not to mention being creative and resourceful is fun.
We’ve even been so #blessed to have wonderful and generous people give us previously used materials like wood, burlap, lace, and linens! (If you are reading this and you were one of those amazing people… know you are so greatly appreciated and we plan to pay it forward).
photo-2017-01-26-11-53-14-am photo-2017-01-26-11-53-26-am photo-2017-01-26-11-54-25-am
This may not be your style, but we are going for a laid-back and romantic vibe for our camp wedding. I got my dress second-hand (but it’s so gorgeous and designer!), we opted to skip the traditional route of sending paper invitations and went digital, and are having the ceremony outside beside a lake.
So I thought I may as well blog about the sustainable, creative and re-purposing experiences involved in our wedding.
I may share photos, quick video clips, and more along the way so you can see all the trials and triumphs, including photos from the big day.
Stay tuned!

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