What to Pack for a Week in Cuba ☀️

This Winter has felt far too long and I am excited to finally go down South. Cayo Coco looks like a dream and I will be working on my Salsa dancing skills while I’m there. I plan on taking advantage of all the activities like kayaking, wind surfing, sailing, and dancing while I’m away.

So with the mix of adventure and nights out at nice dinners and clubs, I made a list of what to bring – and only the essentials. Everything must be used while I am away!

It looks like a lot, but doesn't even fill half my bag.
It looks like a lot, but doesn’t even fill half my bag.

☀️ 🏝 🌊What To Bring 🕶👙👡

For Activities

2 swim suits (one for sun & one for fun) + 1 rash guard + 1 coverup

2 pairs of shorts (athletic)

2 t-shirts (Nike Dry-Fit)

2 Sports Bras

1 pair of trainers

For Everyday

5 tops (1 tee & 4 sleeveless)

2 skirts, 1 pair of cropped pants & 1 pair of shorts

7 dresses (easy to go from day to night for dinner and dancing)

2 pairs of sandals (1 Birkenstock & 1 dressy)

Sunglasses & Hat

2 jackets (cotton) for breezy nights + 1 scarf

1 Light & waterproof rain shell

2 fun necklaces & 2 pairs of earrings

2 Purses (One for day & one for night)

Panties, socks, bralettes & PJs

Toiletries & Miscellaneous

Sunscreen SPF 1000 (JK but seriously, really high)

Face products (I have a 6 step system that I love) & face masks

Bug repellant

Natural Deodorant

Hydrating & natural Body cream (for drying salt and sun)

Makeup (for nights out)

Mini DIY Medicine Cabinet in one bottle (Gravol, Benadryl, Advil, Multivitamin, Immodium, BandAids, Polysporin)

Razor & Tweezers

Toothpaste & Toothbrush


Ziplock bag to keep essentials dry

Headphones (for the plane)

Conditioner (shampoo is ok at the hotels but I am never satisfied with the conditioner)


Ear Plugs

Don’t forget: Get travel insurance and really read what it covers and the steps required to make a claim. I got burned last February when I got really sick in San Francisco and had to go to a clinic. The medical portion was covered, but I had to pay upfront and wait 7 months until I was paid. It was the most tedious thing ever, and so much paperwork. Plus, the trip interruption from a massive snow storm and me being stranded in Chicago ended up not being covered so I was stuck with a hotel bill that I thought was covered.

But all in all, I am packed and ready to go. So excited to enjoy some much needed Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea. What else do you bring when you go down South?




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