Fun Events In Waterloo This Month

Today is International Women’s Day and I am proud to be a female working towards my dreams and inspiring others along the way. This month has been such an amazing whirlwind. It always amazes me how Le Prix continues to evolve and grow into something beautiful. A recurring word people are using to describe how I am, and how I work is, “passionate”. To me, this seems surprising that this is now how everyone else spends their days. So I challenge you to think about what sets your soul on fire, and have the courage to go after it.

Lately, I have been lucky to get to meet some amazing, inspiring, and authentic people. Most of my days have been filled with styling clients and having invigorating meetings talking about other upcoming opportunities. So come out, support me (a local business) and the Laurier student club (WLU Fashion & Lifestyle Society) I am partnered with.

Here are 2 events you won’t want to miss:

Hope to see you out, and please share widely!


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